SiChang Nam Sai Chai Raruen

            Sichang can be either a day or overnight, or stay in the sun. It can be done all month. Because the island has a finer detail that will make you fascinated to withdraw. The island has a long history. The island has a variety of natural beauty. It is an island where people are friendly and friendly. The island is rich with both local and seafood dishes, a peaceful and secluded nightlife. A variety of reasons to make you love the island. Let's see that 2 days 1 night we meet with joy on this island.

  • San Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine No matter how many days you stay in this island, or how long. The first place should be worship the goddess Khao Yai. Then we travel with ease.
  • We recommend that you go to the palace on the island of Thailand. History, architecture, traditions and wisdom. This is where you learn to study.
  • Haad Salad beach, Asadang bay, where you can have lunch and play in the afternoon. With marine activities to complete the service.
  • Laem Chabang Sunset Watch It is believed that the Cape is another place to watch the sun go down the horizon is not lost. I have seen with people. The Cave Cave will be recorded in your memory for a long time.
  • Sichang Pier (Central Pier) After bathing Nightlife that is popular with tourists is fishing or squid fishing equipment can be purchased in general stores in the island. During fishing, you can watch the lighthouse change its color at night. Then you know the peace of life here are many good.

The 2nd day

  • Footprints The dawn of the new dawn, do not miss to go up to pay homage. Holy Footprint The bells in the morning to take victory in life. And take a picture as a memorial.
  • Chulachomklao Peak After the worship of the Buddha. Walk up the way. On the way, you will find the stone inscription of King Rama V, and when you reach the rocky top of Chulachomklao, you will be able to see the 360 ​​degree view of the open sky from the rocky terrain. Phetchaburi
  • Rocky Mountain Starting from Wat Juthada, Thammasat University. The royal monastery is located above Tha Panu ray. Behind the temple, there is a small cement road leading to the sea and to a modern wooden building that extends into the sea. At the bottom is a round rocky beach with water.
  • Laem Chabang At the end of the Maha Vajiravudh is similar to Promthep Cape. But smaller than another beautiful cape of Koh Si Chang, a bridge stretching out to the peak. Decorated with swan lanterns throughout the distance, tourists are very popular to watch the sunset in this area. It is another highlight of Koh Chang.
  • Tha Yai Tim, then we go to the south end of the island. Natural diversity with the unusual scenery caused by the rock explosion makes this place more beautiful than the island. On the way to the tree tunnel to the shady. Tha Yai Tim is also a point to link to Koh Yao Thao. Or the sea of ​​the sichang.
  • Dewa House Market Before returning, you will not miss buying a variety of souvenirs, fresh souvenirs, etc. There are many services available. The price is not expensive. (For rental motorbike, it can be returned at Devonport Pier.)

        Sichang also has many hidden places to visit. The island is interesting to say that 2 days 1 night if you can complete the knowledge that we recommend you know this island of love more. But not all. Because the time has more than 100 stories. Abundantly I also have to see the only way back to the color again. 

Sichang easy trip 1 day

            Sichang can travel within one day. From Sriracha, it takes only 45 minutes to reach the destination. Rent a motorbike, hire a car, or use the sky train. To go to places on this island. For a day trip, but want to experience the island as much as possible. Travel to the island by boat. With so many stories on the place of history and many interesting to find the first point.

  • Shrine of Khao Yai

The sacred wonders of the center of the island. To the merchant Travelers All are popular to pay homage to the blessing. Especially in the large jar of pottery in front of the cave of the Godfather Khao Yai. Considered to be a good place to get energy should be the first place to pay homage.

  • Footprints

The highest of the island. A beautiful historical place. Popular up to pay homage in the morning. Because the location is north of the island. Get the first light of day before any place in the island. For good luck on the trip throughout the trip. In the morning, the footprints can be photographed beautifully in all aspects. Let's prove the beauty of the morning.

  • Channel Assyrian (Hellfire Pass)

Viewpoints that make sense. Can be tourists to enjoy the wind and sunlight. The atmosphere is filled with love in the past. Stories Through the ancient romance. The white cement bridge extends along the rocky cliffs. With the narrative The remaining generations to study and visit.

  • Jutha Tuchhu (palace)

The only palace in Thailand built on the island. Must say that is another place to miss if visiting on this island. With stories. It is interesting and beneficial to tourists who are very interested. The present here is also open. Phra Chutthabuchat Museum Compiled stories of the royal activities of King Rama V and the royal family on Sichang. Completely Do not miss taking pictures with a bridge as one. The symbol of Koh Sichang is Asadang Bridge. The ancient ruins in the temple as many as the Pagoda. Wat Asadananimit, Ruenwattana, Ruenwattana, Rongphisri, Ruam Ari, etc.

  • Hat Cave, Asadang Bay

The white sand stretches until the eyes. The sea is clear under the sea, canvas beds and umbrellas with a large glass spinning in the afternoon to get the sea breeze not to miss the good papaya. Have a meal at this beachside shop. For a moment, the sun will say goodbye to you tomorrow to come back to your new job. Take a look at the beauty of the sunset at Hat Cave will find any happiness.

            When this activity is done It means that you should go back to Tawau Pier. That is the end of the trip to Sichang island in a day guarantee that you must return to visit again. There are many more stories to find you more.

Koh Sichang | Koh Sichang | Life on the island

Let's start the journey. We are quite worried about the car very quickly get up from the bath to dress up 5 o'clock to go to the front of the major Rangsit. We picked up the van from Major Rangsit to the monument (van to the expressway very fast) to the monument about 6 o'clock from the monument, we have to take the van to "floating island" the first van will leave 05.30 AM the final round 8.30 PM in the business card, write that the car out every 20 minutes, the reality is not that way. But wait, until the people get out - - * Really worth the car 100 baht, but we are lucky enough to buy tickets to fit the car out.

Take the monument to the "floating island" at about 1:30 am morning road relatively open. At the pier, there are people waiting to sell the ticket for 50 baht each. We do not know the time to clear the boat. I went to a boat ticket.

(We can ask the boat time. The salesman is kind)

Docks The boat we are going to be a 2-storey boat, most tourists will choose to sit on the 2nd floor to get wind + view. The lower floor is quite dense. I have the right to choose. I have a lot of baggage to be careful because a walk to the 2nd floor is quite small. And the boat was wobbling all the time.

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