Asadang Bay (Tham Phang Beach)

       ‘Asadang Bay’ is called by the locals, ‘Tham Phang Beach’. It is called a bay due to its terrain feature that is a curvy line that bends inwards to the mainland. Meanwhile, it is called a beach because there are a slope downwards into the sea and sand beds. Thus, Tham Phang Beach is a part of Asadang Bay, but both places are called together collectively and misunderstood as the same place. Standing on this beach, you can see the ends of peninsulas and all the things. This beach is one of the best places to swim and have water activities on Si Chang Island. As for the name, it is believed that His Majesty King Rama V named this bay Asadang in order to commemorate His Royal Highness Prince Asadang Dechawut, a son of His Majesty, who had been ill and moved to stay on Si Chang Island until he became recovered within 1 month. It can be seen that many things such as throne hall, royal chateau, pond, creek and cliffs have been named by His Majesty King Rama V. This beautiful bay has a soft sand beach that has shown its beauty from the past up to the present time on the southern part of Si Chang Island. As for the reason for the name ‘Tham Phang (collapsed cave)’, according to the information from the elder, there had been a cave on the beach but the cave was later collapsed. Therefore, the locals call this beach ‘Tham Phang Beach’. However, this beach has a beautifully curve. In the north of the island, there is Tham Phang Beach, and in the south, there is Tukkata (Doll) Peninsula, all of which are beautifully unique. Tham Phang Peninsula is also a spot that people love to go in order to fish and see beautiful sunset. Lovers always go there to enjoy the romantic scene of sunset that is difficult to describe. You should go and experience it yourself.

Details of the Place

       This beautifully curvy beach has white soft sand, clear blue sea and sand floor that slightly slopes down in the sea that enables visitors to play safely in the sea because their feet can always touch the ground. Therefore, on weekends, many families visit Tham Phang Beach to enjoy many activities from morning to evening. The two ends of the beach have the terrain feature that is composed of rocks and sand. When the tide comes in, if you stay on a higher place a look down to the sea, you will see clear blue sea water that reflects the blue sky and looks beautiful beyond any description. Tham Phang Beach will charm you to stay with it for the whole day through with shops and activities, especially when you visit the beach with your friends or families. Tham Phang Beach responds to all needs of sea lovers. Early in the morning, you can enjoy outdoor meals served at open-air food shops near mountain base or at beach canvas benches. Then, you can play in the sea, sip cool drinks, lay yourself in a beach bench and read a good book. At noon, you can taste papaya salad (Som Tam) and many spicy salads. In the hot afternoon, cool yourself down with a glass of smoothie with perfect taste, served together with body massage service that will make your holiday chilling. In the evening, play in the sea again and say goodbye to the day with the sunset on one of the most beautiful spots of this island of love.

Restaurants and Services

  1. A-la-carte food shops and papaya salad shops 
  2. Spicy salad shops
  3. Fruit smoothie shops
  4. Ice flake dessert shops
  5. Fresh fruit shops
  6. Coffee and drink shops
  7. Souvenir shops
  8. Beach massage services
  9. Accommodations
  10. Fishing boats, rods and spoons


       Fishing on Asadang Bay is an interesting activity because the both ends of the beach and clumps of rocks are good locations for fishing. The water current around Si Chang Island also makes this place suitable for fishing. On this bay with beautiful views and herd of fishes, even amateur fishing lovers will enjoy this outdoor sport that challenges their patience and intellectual to fight fish of this bay. You can also charter a boat during the daytime, together with nighttime, and spoons and fishing rods.     

  • To do kayaking to enjoy beautiful scenes and freshness of the nature of Asadang Bay, Tham Phang Beach and Tham Phang Pennsula. To kayak at the sunset in the sea of Tham Phang Beach is fascinating beyond the description because you can appreciate the water, the sky and the land of the same time.  
  • To have massages and line hammering (using wood stick to press on spots on the sole) services are relaxing Thai massage techniques. 
  • To play in the sea and have sun bath on Asadang Bay that curves inwards to the mainland like the shape of a crescent, which is an open land with breeze and sunlight, will balance your life.  
  • To enjoy banana boat services on holidays and days on which there are a great number of tourists, which is an activity that is exciting and amusing because you will be dumped into the sea, is a fun activity and exercise that allow you to see the unseen views of the bay.  


       The bay is 2.6 kilometers away from Thewawong Pier.


       You should not play in the sea alone. In case of emergency, please call people nearby.