Chong Isariyabhorn (Chong Kao Kad)



            Chong Isariyabhorn (Chong Kao Kad) is located behind the island on the western side adjacent to Vajiravudh Point. It is a large mountain pass between Vajiravudh Peak and Yukhol Peak with a path connected to Saovabha Road through the pass toward the sea at Vajiravudh Point. From the middle of the sea, it is possible to observe natural beauty in the image of the two peaks standing side-by-side. In addition, it is also possible to view the scenery and beauty of the sea from this area on the island such as waves crashing into a tall cliff called Thuagsila Maha Vajiravudh, a corner where a breathtaking 360-degree view covering the entire island, cliffs, the sea and historical buildings can be enjoyed. Thuagsila Maha Vajiravudh is also considered the best spot for watching sunsets on Koh Si Chang.

Chong Isariyabhorn and Historical Significance

Originally, the people of Koh Si Chang called this location “Chong Kao Kad and Had HinKlom” because it is possible to see the peaks side-by-side from the sea and because the stones on the beach were round as a result of wind blowing from west to east from March to September (Presently, there are no more round stones to be found). In terms of cultural tourism, Chong AsadangIsariyabhorn is considered a part of Asdangkawan, which has great historical significance on Koh Si Chang.

Asadangkawan is a large park area on Koh Si Chang located on 800 rai that was constructed during the reign of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn Rama V. King Rama V demonstrated his wisdom through his instructions for the construction of a large park in which people could rest and relax. His Majesty named the park Asadangkawan or Asadangkwan. … Asadangkawan has many attractive natural features such as points, hills, rock shelves, caves, cliffs, trees and others. Moreover, His Majesty King Rama V bestowed names of various structures constructed during his reign after the royal and personal names of many people who participated in their construction. Chong Isariyabhorn is considered a part of Asadangkawan.

Chong Isariyabhorn was named after His Royal Highness Prince Isariyabhorn, a son of His Majesty King Rama V and Chao Chom Marnda Mom Rajavongse Kesorn who was born on 21 October 1988 and died on 22 September 1892 at five years of age.

Evidence in Volume 8 of the Royal Thai Government Gazette on the Royal Journey of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn Rama V to Open Asadangkawan contained the following statements on Chong Isariyabhorn:

           “On the 25th there were theater performances at midday. Shortly after four pm, His Majesty the King left his accommodations at the central pavilion … to travel up by Anuwat Cliff. The royal procession went to Chong Isariyabhorn and rested at Sila Sappasart Pavilion. His Majesty then continued along the Ordnance Road and Promsurin Road along the slopes of Maha Vajiravudh Peak to stop and gaze from Asadang Lighthouse at Vajiravudh Point. Next, His Majesty returned to Ratcha Kosa Viewpoint to view Wanasathan before continuing onward to Chong Isariyabhorn to stop at Sila Sappasart Pavilion again. His Majesty then gazed on the sea waves crashing into Thuagsila Maha Vajiravudh. Tea was served ahead at the peak of Sanobandhit Hill …”

Thus, Chong Isariyabhorn (Chong Kao Kad) became a historical and cultural tourist destination highly worthy of learning about the following sites:

Vajiravudh Point: This is a naturally attractive point that is similar in shape to Prom Thep Point of Phuket. The point is situated at the base of Maha Vajiravudh Peak near Chong Kao Kad or Chong Isariyabhorn. This site is named after His Royal Highness Prince Maha Vajiravudh, a son of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn and Her Majesty Queen Saovabha.

Thuagsila Maha Vajiravudh: Geologically, the composition of Koh Si Chang is 80 percent rock. Thus, this site is a long, enormous stone ridge that stretches from Chong Isariyabhorn to Maha Vajiravudh Point. The site is named after His Royal Highness Prince Maha Vajiravudh. The natural beauty of the waves crashing into the massive cliffs produces a pleasant view.

Ratcha Kosa Viewpoint: Located at Maha Vajiravudh Peak, Ratcha Kosa Viewpoint is a lookout that allows a broad view of the beautiful Gulf of Thailand. His Majesty King Chulalongkorn Rama V rested at Ratcha Kosa Viewpoint to gaze at the sun setting into the sea and the waves rushing into the rocky shore. Ratcha Kosa Viewpoint has been registered as a historical site by the Fine Arts Department. It was named after the royally-bestowed name of Phra Ratcha Kosa, previously named Roon Wacharothai, the son of Phraya Ratcha Kosa (Chan Wacharothai).

Maha Vajiravudh Bridge: This bridge was constructed later by the sub-district municipality of Koh Si Chang in 1999. It is a white concrete bridge that stretches along the face of the cliff across a large body of water, thus allowing people to walk to the end of the point to watch sunsets. The bridge is decorated with rows of lights shaped like swans.

Furthermore, in the past, Chong Isariyaporn had a stargazing pavilion of King Rama V. This means the site is an excellent place for viewing morning scenery and the gorgeous Asadong sun as well as the moon casting its soft light in the night.

The destination has unique natural characteristics with a peaceful climate constantly surrounded by cool breeze. Every corner is worthy of pictures. In particular, at the right moments when the tides are right, waves can be seen crashing into the rocky cliffs to create an unforgettable sight of rainbows. Finally, tourists can end each day by watching the last lights leave at the sun sets. All of these provide the energy that will always recharge your battery for the days ahead. It be said that Chong Isariyabhorn is the first viewpoint of Koh Si Chang to be used for viewing everything else on the island.


  1. Study, learn and engage in cultural tourism side-by-side seamlessly and intimately with nature.
  2. Take memorable photographs from every corner and viewpoint.
  3. Gaze at sunsets.
  4. Participate in fishing activities for teaming fish and immerse yourself in the lifestyles of the people of Koh Si Chang.


  • Route 1: Travel straight from Thewawong Pier up to Thiw Pai Intersection. Turn right there and continue onward until you reach Chong Isariyabhorn or Chong Kao Kad located on the left side.
  • Route 2: From Thewawong Pier, head up toward Chao Poh Khao Yai Shrine. Continue on straight from there until you reach a lane by the hospital. Drive straight by about 500 meters from that point then turn right. Chong Isariyabhorn or Chong Kao Kad is located on the right.
  • Route 3: From Thewawong Pier, head toward Chao Poh Khao Yai Shrine. From that point, continue to drive straight until reaching Phra Pakdi Chinese-style Home. Chong Isariyabhorn or Chong Kao Kad can be found on the left-hand side.


  1. Due to the hazards, avoid jumping into the water for fun from the cliffs.
  2. Do not write or inscribe anything at the site.
  3. Do not remove any natural resources from the site.